This Lady Sits on Her Wheel Chair and Makes Lots of Money

This Lady Sits on Her Wheel Chair and Makes Lots of Money

TIMESINDONESIA, MADIUN – Herlin Susilowati, a lady of Madiun who has special needs that makes her sits on her wheel chair all day break the value that occurs in society that people with special needs will only be a burden. This lady stands on her wheel chair and proves that she could make lots of money from it.

Herlin produces puppets which she made from paper. She turns her house which locates at Ulama Imam Bonjol, Klegen, Kartoharjo, Madiun, East Java to her workshop. “I made these puppets from recycled paper and cardboard, ” she said on Mondy (9/11/2020).


This girl had polio since she was a child. She was started producing the paper puppet from 2000 till now. She made keychain before turning her passion into puppet craft. She also opens a class for those who willing to learn the technique of creating paper puppet.

“I get lots of enthusiasm from the playgroup to superior students. They spend their time and learn how to make this craft. And I think it’s better than playing with their gadget all the time, ” Herlin added.


In a month during this pandemic, she could distribute around 500 paper puppets. She charges her customers starting from IDR5 K to IDR 100 K for the puppet depends on the size and complexities.

Besides making puppets from the paper, she also takes some order to make puppets from lamb or cow skin from her wheel chair. This lady who has special needs  will charge her customers for IDR 200 K to IDR 1 M for this kind of puppets.   (*)