These are Some Mouse Traps You Could Easily Found in the Market

These are Some Mouse Traps You Could Easily Found in the Market

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – The sound of mouse chattering has become one frustrating thing to hear especially at night when we were about to sleep. You could catch them out with some mouse traps if you noticed them droppings or gnawed food boxes before they do any more damage.

Yes, mouse traps remain to be the most effective ways to get rid of them. There are lots of kind of mouse traps that you could choose from toxic one to the most humane, all of which range in cost, function, and design. Let’s    check them out.

Snap Traps

It’s the most common traps used by almost everyone in this earth. This quick trigger system catches mice in their tracks. It could leave the mice dead ir may be dying when you found them.

By far, it’s the most efficient way to wipe out an entire population. There are different kinds of snap traps, including bar, clam and hidden kill.

Electric Traps

These mouse traps lure mice into the chamber before shocking them with fatal electric shocks. But this kind of trap doesn’t hurt humans or your pet for they were customized them from being shocked. Furthermore you could also find an electrical wave device that could repel them away.

Humane Traps

This traps won’t kill the mice. It will just trap them in a cage or chamber. This method has been used to catch a bigger mammals. You only need to lure them in with some food like cheese or buttered popcorn. And jalan, once they in, they trapped.

Sticky Traps

Unlike the other traps, sticky traps cant be use twice. You could only use it once. It’s a little bit conventional and messy. The mice will get stuck to an adhesive glue board until you set them free.

Either one of these mouse trap will help you get ride of the mouse and its population. It will help you keep your place clean from the mice and all its stinky rotten smell. Good luck. (*)