The Benefit of Having Indoor Plants in Your House

The Benefit of Having Indoor Plants in Your House

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Indoor plants have become a popular thing lately. It goes with the modern simple house which has become a new trend lately. People some times will put it in the corner of their house for aesthetic purposes or just prestige. Little did everyone know, indoor plants also give you another advantages. Check this out.  

1. Acts as your natural air purifier

As you keep closing your door and rarely open your house, the oxygen in your house might a little under polluted. But if you keep indoor plants in your house/apartment, it can provide a much-needed relief by acting as natural air purifiers.

dua. Relieves your stress

According to a research in Britain, those who lives around green tempat such as park or forest fells happier than those who aren’t. The green color will also reduce your stress and make mor relax. The oxygen it produces also makes your body and your brain works better.

3. Helps you sleep better

If you’ve been experiencing restlessness and fractured sleep, try keeping a couple of plants in your bed room. Lavender or Jasmine could be a good choice to help you sleep like a log. These plants also have a calming effect and can help with any stress or anxiety.

4. Improves your focus on study

Indoor plants could help you focus on your study especially in this kind of pandemic. It will also help you be more productive since you got your focus. According to a study by  The Serba banyak College of Agriculture in Cirencester, England, students who attended lectures with indoor plants exhibited 70% better attentiveness. (*)