Surowiti Hill Gresik will Mesmerize Your Eyes with Its Exotic Scenery

Surowiti Hill Gresik will Mesmerize Your Eyes with Its Exotic Scenery

TIMESINDONESIA, GRESIK – Gresik has another destination to visit. This place is popular amongst the locals as Wisata Bukit Surowiti  or you may called it as Surowiti Hill. Since it was renovated, this place has become a popular destination for the locals.

Located at Panceng, Gresik, East Java, Surowiti Hill offers a stunning beauty of lazim scenery with green trees all around. And beautiful tropical scenery wherever your eyes go.

Wisata Bukit Surowiti b

Surowiti Hill was merely a religious tourism which offers the local historical tombs to visit. Such as those tombs which belongs to Mpu Supa, Raden Bagus Mataram, or those meditation areas which believedto be the place where Sunan Kalijaga meditatedback then.

There were also some caves such as Goa Langseh, Goa macan and Goa Jodoh which also become the main attraction in Surowiti Hill. And some other historical site which believes to have some connection with some religious leader back then.

As for now, the management has done some renovation in several wilayah snd added certain beautiful spots for selfie. These spots makes Surowiti Hill becomes more popular from time to time.

Wisata Bukit Surowiti c

“There was nothing like this before, it gives this place such a different atmosphere in a nice way. I came here 3 years ago and it’s nothing like this before, it’s now way more beautiful, ” Firdian a local visitor of Surowiti Hill said.

For its beauty and its importance of holding such lots of historical sites, Surowiti Hill been awarded as the first runner up of Rahmat Wisata Gresik (AWG) or Gresik Tourism Award.

With all these new attractions and beautiful spots its hope that Surowiti Hill  or Wisata Bukit Surowiti could attract more visitors coming to Gresik, especially this place. “We build this picturesque spots for the visitors, so they will consider to go back to this place, ” the Chief of Surowiti village said. (*)