Spend Your Time with Hundreds of Koi Fish at Kampung Koi Probolinggo

Spend Your Time with Hundreds of Koi Fish at Kampung Koi Probolinggo

TIMESINDONESIA, PROBOLINGGO – The local community of RT 05/RW 02  Jrebeng Kidul,   Probolinggo, East Java must have been so proud for they have manage to turn a slump a rwa at their village into one nice tourist destination filled with Koi fish. This make the local community named this village as Kampung Koi or Koi Village.

“We manage to turn this place into one nice destination and give these beautiful Koi fish a place with our love of this fish. And with all those boundaries we managed to a simple Koi pool yet entertaining, ” Imam Sahroni, the Chief of RT 05/RW 02 Jrebeng Kidul.

The pool for those kois were only 10×15 meters wide. It’s only a meter deep yet it looks wider than it is. Some water plants also put on the pond to make it look more interesting.

“We have  lots of Koi here. Just say the Kohaku Koi, one of the most popular Koi nowadays. At first  we only have 5 kois in the pool, and then we learn to cultivate it, ” Imam added.

Imam and the local communities work hard to turn this slump into a nice place. They installed a giant filter they cretae out of their mind, and keep the sanitation especially the water clean and keep flowing. As its the main thing to keep the live of the koi.

Not only becoming a place to spend some leisure time, the local community even bought their koi for their pet. They came to pick the Koi that captivated their breath. Little did you know, this place has a good quality of Koi.

With the quality they have, Kampung Koi Jebreg Kidul Probolinggo has been taken hundreds of order not only from the local community but also from the neighborhood cities. “We would like to have a better place to display our Koi in the future, ” Pemimpin ended.