Komodo Today: Loh Buaya Resort Closed Temporarily

Komodo Today: Loh Buaya Resort Closed Temporarily

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Due to all Komodo safety, The Board of Komodo National Park decided to close Loh Buaya Resort temporarily. It was known that Loh Buaya Resort has constructed several new buildings and the construction was taken to be able to put the endangered species at stake.

Loh Buaya Resort was in progress of building new harbor, tourist information center, ranger inn, and naturalist guide buildings. There were around 15 Komodo around the area of construction and one of them was captured on pictures lying in front of construction truck.

This picture makes people all of the country worried about their safety. It switched their anger and creates some protest. There then, to deal with the issue The Board decided to close the resort temporarily from October 26 2020 to June 30 2021.

The announcement was posted on their official Facebook account. There are around 60 Komodo lives in Rinca Island where the resort was established. They live freely in wild side to side with the tourist who happened to visit them occasionally.  

The board will evaluate Loh Buaya Resort once in two week during the closure. The Board of Komodo National Park will keep an eye on the construction and make sure that they don’t do anything that threatens the life of this endangered species. (*)