Indonesia, The Heaven on Earth X: Gorontalo

Indonesia, The Heaven on Earth X: Gorontalo

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Nestled in the calm waters of the northern shoreline of the Tomini Bay, on the southern fringe of Sulawesi’s protective northern arm, Gorontalo has lots of amazing attraction you could find. It has a nice weather since this place is surrounded with chains of mountains. So, what are the attractions this province has? Let’s check it out.

1. Limboto Lake

This lake is such a perfect place to do some fun such as fishing, boat riding, photography, sightseeing, and much more. The lake has some unique features, as well. For instance, it connects directly to the sea. No wonder it becomes the home of numerous birds and fishes.

The visitors could simply buy fresh fishes from local fishermen and ask them to grill it on the spot. In order to avoid hassles, they can buy the cooked ones, which are provided by the locals. You don’t need to be worry because the price is quiet approachable.

2. Olele Marine National Park

Located at Olele, Kabila Bone, Bone Bolango this marine national park is such a perfect place for snorkeling and diving. It a house of millions corals and reef as well hundreds of beautiful school of fishes. Olele Marine National Park has several superb diving spots, featuring various sea landscapes and creatures. Some of the best choices are Coral Pole, Goa Jin, and Salvador Dali.

3. Floating House of Bajo Tribe

The Bajo Tribe mostly lives in a house floated on the sea shore. The put some huge cage under their house to cultivate some fish or shrimp. They also do fishing for their living. You could isit this place and get closer to the local community, but you better hire a guide to make it easier. Don’t worry, their price is negotiable worth your buck as you get the unforgtable once in a lifetime experience.

4. Otahana Fort

Otonaha Fort was built during the reign of Portuguese back then. It’s also a living witness of the struggle of the locals against Portuguese armies. This fort is located at the top of a hill. You could enjoy beautiful scenery around once you get on top.  

5. Pulo Cinta or Love Shaped Island

This small island is merely just a stock of sand emerge on the surface of the sea. Yet it has such an amazing marine view around. This island also a home for hundreds of beautiful fishes. You could explore the island by diving or snorkeling. This island is also equipped with a nice resort and accomodation. Yet, you need to let your unlimited credit card out to stay in it since the rate of the resort is a little higher than the average cost.

Pulo Cinta has a beautiful love shaped resort

6. Saronde Island

Saronde is one small island in North Gorontalo. This place offers serenity in seclusion with beautiful vast spread white sand. You could beach walking while enjoying the beautiful scenery. You could also explore the island and rest yourself in the shades that the management has built on the dock. Once in a year, the local community will hold a boat racing to circle around the island. (*)