Have a Glimpse of the Pond of Youth at Sumberawan Temple Malang

Have a Glimpse of the Pond of Youth at Sumberawan Temple Malang

TIMESINDONESIA, SEBAL – Malang has lots of historical places from the ancient life back then. This city has several old temples with their own attractions such as what Sumberawan Temple has with its Pond of Youth.

Located at Toyomarto, Singosari, Rengsa, East Java, this temple lies in the middle of a green field surrounded with the lush of green trees. This makes the temple has seclusiveness in tranquility.

The local management built some rest area which equipped with restaurants and restroom and several shades for the visitors to rest. “This temple was built in 14 Century and was found in 1830 in a very bad condition, ” Rosidah, the temple caretaker said.  

Still according to her, there was only small piece of stone left on the structure before the temple was finally reconstructed in 1937 by the Dutch back then.  

Meanwhile, she also said that the pond lies next to the temple believes to be the pond of youth, a mythical pond capable of preserving life.

The supernatural power of all the pries that do their reclusion and meditation in this place has turned the water has a power to preserve the life and make them stay younger.

The local community of Hindu and Christian often used the water from the pond for their ceremony or baptism.

Are you interest in trying the use of this pound of youth at Sumberawan Temple Malang? Well, you could check it for yourself if you do. Good Luck!!!. (*)