Give Your Kids a Glimpse of Happiness at Geluk Waterpark Madiun

Give Your Kids a Glimpse of Happiness at Geluk Waterpark Madiun

TIMESINDONESIA, MADIUN – Madiun has a new destination you could visit with your family. This destination was known as Geluk Waterpark. This place will be appreciate place to go with your family especially your kids during the weekend.

Located at Batok, Gemarang, Madiun, East Java, this Waterpark has an exotic typical tropical suburban view. You will find lots of beautiful spot with nice ambience for your pictures.

Waterpark Batok Madiun b An exotic ambience at the gate of Batok Waterpark. (Photo: Romy Tri Setyo Wibowo/TIMES Indonesia)

The pool is the iconic attraction this place has. It has a nice huge slide for your kids, water boom and some other ornaments to make the pool looks prettier.

There were also some artificial wave pool, some flowing pool next to it. If you don’t want to get wet you could just stay at the shade on the side of the pool and watch your kids from there.

“It’s safe. It was destined for the kids. We have nothing extreme here, ” Ruslan, the Chief of Tourism Awareness Community of Sendang Kamulyan Batok said.

Waterpark Batok Madiun c The nice pool at Batok Waterpark to acvomodate your family especially your kids. (Photo: Romy Tri Setyo Wibowo/TIMES Indonesia)

Located in suburban, Batok Waterpark is surrounded with lush green forest. The management plants lots of flower on each side. This has become another attraction for the visitors who long for nice spots for their selfie.

To get in to this place you only need to pay for IDr 3 K for the admission fee. Batok Waterpark of Madiun opens daily from 08. 00 to 16. 00 local western times. (*)