Give Your Car the Best Care with Aero Pack Premium

Give Your Car the Best Care with Aero Pack Premium

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – Aero Pack Premium could do the whole pack from polishing your car’s body, or doing the interior and exterior. It will give such a wonderful benefit, for you could safe more time at home and do your things with your family.

Aero Group Indonesia commits to give your cars the best care solution. They have released 7 of their products designated for every car in the country which has been set with the local weather and situation.

Aero Pack Premium 1

“Its very affordable and reduce your cost for your car saloon. Besides, it’s definitely helpful during this pandemic, you could do it your self from home, ” Istimewa explained about the Aero Pack Premieum sets they have.

Those 7 products of Aero Pack Premi are AERO BLACK (to deepenedthe dark color of your car), and AERO GLASS (to remove the mold on your mirror). Next they have AERO GUARD (to protect the shine of your car’s body) and AERO SWORD (to get away some aspalt sticking on your car).

The are still 3 marvelous products left. They are AERO VISION (to keep your mirror from fogging), AERO WASH (car shampoo with nano particle) and AERO CLEANMAX (to clean the interiror part).

Aero Pack Premium 2

You could have each product like AERO BLACK for IDR 89 K, AERO GLASS for IDR 129 K, AERO GUARD for IDR 129 K, AERO SWORD for IDR 99 K, AERO VISION for IDR 69 K, AERO WASH IDR 89 K, and AERO CLEANMAX for IDR 89 K.

But you could buy all the product of Aero Pack Premium in a pack with just IDR 299 K/set with additional hand gloves as the komisi. For more information about this product you could find them on their Instagram account @aeroautocare, Shopee    @Aero Official Shop their website Aero nusantara. (*)