Get Your Kids to Know Some Exotic Animals at Jember Mini Zoo

Get Your Kids to Know Some Exotic Animals at Jember Mini Zoo

TIMESINDONESIA, JEMBER – The local community of Jember could feel relieved for now they have a new tourist attraction that at least will keep them busy during weekend. This new attraction is so called gandar Jember Mini Zoo. This mini zoo will be a nice place to spend your quality time with your family.

Located at Jalan Brawijaya, Komplek Redjo Agung,   Mangli, Kaliwates, Jember, East Java, this place had just been opened for few days, exactly on Saturday (15/5/2021). This mini zoo has such complex collection that will bring a joy to your kids especially.

At this zoo, you could find some ecotic animals such gandar ostriches, sulcata turtles, pony, peacocks, deer, and many more. You could ask for the zookeeper assistance which located around the area to help identify those animals.

Jember-Mini-Zoo-2.jpg Tour around the lake of Jember Mini Zoo with canoe. (Photo: Arip Ripaldi/TIMES Indonesia)

The zoo also gives a chance for the history to feed the rabbit with some carrots for a few cent. Not only those, the management also created some nice spots for selfie to pamper their visitors.

In one of the corner, you could find a lake where you could row a canoe around and enjoy the atmosphere. This is one perfect set of education gandar well some pleasure.  

“We would like to encourage people’swilling to love the nanimals as well as the nature especially for the children, ”  the Manager of Jember Mini Zoo, Adnan Mochammad said.

For now, this Zoo has around 35 exotic animals in their habitat. The management planned to add more member of family to their zoo and expand the exhibit for them. “We planned to added antelope to our zoo, ” Adnan added.

This zoo opens daily from 09. 00 to 16. 30 local western time. You could enjoy and watch all the attractions Jember Mini Zoo has for only IDR 20 K/pax. Wonderful isn’t it? But remember to always follow the safety guidelines applied by the management to keep you safe. (*)