Get an Exotic Experience at Tirto Husodo Hot Spring Water

Get an Exotic Experience at Tirto Husodo Hot Spring Water

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Dipping your body into a nice warm hot spring water pool will be the kost relaxing thing you ever get especially when you just feel so exhausted. And you could have this nice feeling at Tirto Husodo hot spring water Pacitan.

Located at Karangrejo, Arjosari, Banyu Anget, Pacitan, East Java, this place is a public bath where everyone could visit and join the other at the same pool. This place could be reached within 30 minutes fromm Pacitan city centre.  


The legend has it that the hot spring water was created spilled oil from a traditional lamp they called gandar tinthir which belongs to a puppeteer. “The lamp was spilled and then create the hot spring water, ” Ridhowi, a local community explained about the Legend of Tirto Husodo Hot Dpring Water.

The local community known Tirto Husodo as Banyu Anget which literally means as Lukewarm Water. Beside its nice feeling of Dipping your body in a hot spring water, this place was believe to be able to cure some your skin problems.

It is also believe to be able to cure some other disease like stroke or erase your fatigue and more. For all of those benefit you could just got in to Tirto Husodo hot spring water by paying some admission fee for IDR 15 K for adults and IDR 5 K for the kids.


Kids hot spring water pool were also built-in Tirto Husodo to pamper their visitors especially kiddos. There were also private pool, Solus Per Aqua, but you need to pay a bit more for this experience.  

If you would like to spend a night or two at Tirto Husodo  Pacitan, you could book a room at their villa for IDR 150 K/night. This place also integrated with souvenir shops, cafeteria and more. So what are you waiting for? Put this hot spring water on your itinerary list and make sure you get all those exotic experiences.   (*)