Find an Old Armored Car from Communist Time at Transport Museum Batu

Find an Old Armored Car from Communist Time at Transport Museum Batu

TIMESINDONESIA, KOTOR – Each and every one who lives in Indonesia is celebrating the 75th Indonesian Independence Day. As well with Transport Museum Batu, this museum brings out the old colonial armored personnel carrier vehicle from colonial time to their museum.

This vehicle was bought by a well-respected general at that time, Ahmad Yani. This vehicle was bought to free West Irian from the communist. Yet, at the end of the day, the vehicle has to be a hearse for the general himself for he died at the battle.        

This vehicle is an Alvis FVC603 Saracen which was built in England in 1952. Back then the general bought 179 of armored vehicles of 55 Armoured Personel Carrier (APC) Alvis FVC603 Saracen, 69 Armoured Car Alvis FV601 Saladin & 55 unit APV Ferret.

Alvis FVC603 Saracen used Rolls-Royce B80 MK 6A as its main engine with 160 horse power. This vehicle has 11 tons of weight and could transfer 10 personnel at a time.

“We have ‘army’ as our main theme to celebrate the day. We bring out lots of army vehicles such as Saracen, Unimog, Chopper, and KNIL armored car, ” Operational Manager of Transport Museum Batu, Endang A Shobirin said.

All army vehicles shown at Transport Museum Batu are such rare collections which need a hard work to get it. Some of them even become the one and only vehicle left in the world. (*)