Extreme Chips Made of Banana Trees

Extreme Chips Made of Banana Trees

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Banana chips has been very familiar to your ear right? But, what about extreme chips made of banana tree? Yes, we have it. This extreme chips are made by a couple of husband and wife of Cilacap, Central Java, Turimin (43) and Musringah (46).

This couple doesn’t want to waste anything from the banana except the peel. They even use the sheath, stem, root, and flower as chip. They started to create this extreme chips in 2016.

Back then, they only produce banana flour to make use of the banana left unsold at their house. But then they keep trying some new recipe.

They also made some chips of banana flower, then goes to its root and the last they took was the sheath. They even made the flower into slum food, shredded fried banana flower a. k. an abon jantung pisang.

His recipe has been acknowledged by the local government. They even brought it to join Lomba Cipta Menu Kreatif (Inventing Creative Menu Competition) on 2019 in Jakarta. Unfortunately, the goddess of luck wasn’t on their side and they lost on it.

Turimin and Musringah offers their extreme chips through social jalan. They have had lots of loyal customers who order their chips. These extreme chips of banana tree has even been delivered to Taiwan Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, and some other country for presents. (*)