Enjoy the Beauty of Cirebon with One Day Tour Package

Enjoy the Beauty of Cirebon with One Day Tour Package

TIMESINDONESIA, CIREBON – The local government of Cirebon trying to raise the surge of visitor to their city by offering them with one day tour package. This package will allow you to take a tour around the city and enjoy almost all of their attractions.

The tour will take you take a glimpse on several of their tourist destination such as historical places in Cirebon, Welas Asih temple, British American Tobaco (BAT) building, St. Mari Church, Balinese Village and Proklim Village.

The local government even takes several people to try the tour for free tour. “We do this to let everyone knows that Cirebon has been ready to welcome the tourist to our city,” the manager in charge of One Day Tour Cirebon trial tour Hendi Hendrato said.

Still according to him, this trial tour will encourage the people to let others know about One Day Tour through their social media accounts. This will give a big influence to other people to try this amazing One Day Tour package.

With this One Day Tour you will surely get a new experience and knowledge about Cirebon more. This tour will erase all your boredom after all week busy with your job at the office. (*)