Create Your Own Perfume with Kamo Parfum

Create Your Own Perfume with Kamo Parfum

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – Perfume has become a part of human’s life who would like to accentuate their style with a new scent of fragrance. Little did you know, you could make it yourself as long as you know the formula. Kamo Parfum would like to take you to make your own perfume from the scratch.

“Those perfumes on the market were created based on someone’s or an artist scent. We would like to take you to create your own scent to accentuate your personality, ” The owner of Kamo Parfum, Monica said on Wednesday (5/11/2020).

Furthermore, Monica also said that mixing perfume is an art that everyone could do. It’s so easy, all you need is focus so you could find your own favorite scent. For this reason, Monica opened a class of mixing perfume on her shop.

During the class she explained that there were 3 kinds of scent in perfume, top note, middle notes and base note. Top note are those perfume with light scents. Middle note are those fragrant of flowers like jasmine, rose, lavender and more.

Meanwhile base note are those with woody scents like sandalwood, or cloves. “Find out which scent you want and then you could try to make your own perfume. And then add it with some alcohol” Monica, the owner of Kamo Parfum ended. (*)