Cloud 22 Rooftop Bar, Your Best Dining Venue in Surabaya

Cloud 22 Rooftop Bar, Your Best Dining Venue in Surabaya

TIMESINDONESIA, SURABAYA – Would you like to enjoy the nice ambience of Surabaya at night from the top? Well, Cloud 22 Rooftop Bar of Double Tree Hotel by Hilton Surabaya could be the right venue for you. This bar will surely give you another experience of enjoying the city.

Nestled in the heart of Surabaya, this bar is situated on the 22nd floor of Double Tree Hotel. You could imagine seeing a nice ambience of Surabaya from the top along with all its glimmering light at night.

Not only giving you some nice ambience, the management also pamper you with a DJ and live music. Not only the regular music, these performers will bring fresh music each time they perform on the stage.

On Tuesday they will have some music with ‘Soul Train’ as the theme. Wednesday with ‘Let’s Get Jazzy’, Thursday with ‘It’s Our House’, and Friday witha ‘TGIF’ – Nu-Pop. On Saturday they have Let’s groove’ Musik Nu-Pop and by Sunday they have ‘Beach Chill’ theme.

General Manager DoubleTree by Hilton Surabaya, Chris Roberts us the guy behind all this idea. He look for something new that hasn’t been brought up in Surabaya.

He was inspired by some Rooftop Kantin in Jakarta and Bangkak. The coolest beach club in Bali also gives him some inspiration through the process. “This bar has nice high, but we couldn’t rely the successful of the business on that. We need good music, good food, and good service, ” Chris said.

The Sexy Aurora is one of the signature drink serve by this bar. This drink was prepared by their experienced mixologists. They also served another refreshing drink such as popsicle cocktails and more.

This bar is open on every Tuesday to Sunday at 17. 00. With the nice view and excellent service they have, Cloud 22 Rooftop Mengamuk of Double Tree Hotel by Hilton Surabaya will be a right venue for your romantic dining or social gathering.   (*)