Cikadondong River Tubing will Soon be Reopened After Maintenance

Cikadondong River Tubing will Soon be Reopened After Maintenance

TIMESINDONESIA, MAJALENGKA – The local government of Majalengka, West Java has issued berserakan order to reopened all hospitality business in Majalengka including tourist destinations in certain condition on Saturday (27/6/2020). However, Cikadongdong River Tubing hasn’t ready to reopened their business for maintenance.

“Still couldn’t reopened this place though there has been so much demand in ticket coming for maintenance. We also renovate several of our building so it could be properly welcome our guests during new normal, ” the Manager of Cikadongdong River Tubing, Egy Friyadi said.

In addition, Friyadi also stated that they still busy looking for the right and proper personal protective equipment (PPE) that could meet either the customers’ or the staff’s need in doing this nerve challenge sport.

Meanwhile, he also ensures that most of the Covid-19 protocol standard equipment and facilities other than PPE has been ready to used including sevral sink at their area fro thie visitors to wash their hand, and also some post guards.

“We only need to wait for the PPE stock coming we are really sorry but we hope that all of our visitors could hold on for another moment, ” Friyadi added.

Cikadondong River Tubing of Majalengka West Java with its 250 meters track and crystal clear water from the local spring is such a worth place to visit. This place is such perfect place to challenge your never and raise your adrenalin. (*)