Chewing Gum on Your Clothes? Get It Off with These Tricks

Chewing Gum on Your Clothes? Get It Off with These Tricks

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – It’s annoying gandar well embarrassing when you happened to sit on a chewing gum and it’s sticking on your pants or clothes for life without you even notice. What more annoying is it’s not easy to take it off.

Little did you know, there are several tricks to overcome this situation. What are they? Let’s check it out.

satu. Put your clothes in the freezer

All you need to do just put your cloth in the freezer, fold it put it in the ziplock and wait for few hours and you will be able to remove the chewing gum easily.

2. Use the ice tube power

If you happened to be outside, you could use the help of ice tube by rubbing it to the area where the gum is sticking. Repeat it several time till you successfully remove all the gum.

3. Hair dryer

Heat will help you remove the gum easier from your clothes. Just apply some heat to  the gum  and then use a rag or plastic bag to pull away.  

4. Clean it with liquid soap

Neutral liquid  soap  can also be useful to  remove gum  from clothes, but we don’t recommend using it for delicate garments. Soak  the  garment in water and cover  the gum  with liquid  soap.

5. Heated white vinegar

With vinegar could be one reliable ingredient to remove chewing gum from clothes. All you need just heat the vinegar.   Pour a small amount of vinegar over the gum and allow it to soak into the fabric for a minute or five.   (*)