Check This Scary Kite of Tuban East Java

Check This Scary Kite of Tuban East Java

TIMESINDONESIA, TUBAN – It’s a common thing to see a kite with random motifs or color. But have you ever found a kite with ghost drew on it as its motif? Well, meet Bambang Winarko of Tuban, the guy who creates those unbelievable creepy ghosts drawn on a kite.

Each country has their own typical ghost, and if you would like to see those local Indonesian ghost, Jelas Winarko could draw you one. Bambang took chance on the monsoon that comes to the country lately to introduce his unique kites.


“People has bigger enthusiasm toward this scary kite. I could sell around 6 to 10 kites in a day with these creepy motifs, ” Bambang said on Saturday (25/7/2020).

Jelas said he got the idea of making these creepy motifs after seeing some other people played kite with such motifs in Facebook. He then delivered his idea and made the kite for pleasure. But then people started to give more attention to his kites.

Bambang display his kite on the street at one of corner of Karangawu crossroad, Tuban, East Java. He charges his customers for IDR 30-35 K depends on the size and the complexity of the motifs.

“I have a friend to help me to draw this crazy scary kite motif, ” This 31-year-old guy of Tuban, East Java said.