Check These Beautiful Souvenirs Made of Coconut Shell

Check These Beautiful Souvenirs Made of Coconut Shell

TIMESINDONESIA, JAKARTA – Coconut shell could be easily found in such tropical country like Indonesia. Almost every house in the country has at least one coconut tree in their yard. The locals also intensely use coconut as one of their cooking ingredients.

Pito Cahyono, a local craftsman from Carat, Kauman, Ponorogo, East Java took this chance and turns coconut shell into beautiful souvenirs. He started his business in 2015. He got stuck for a while for he had a lack of coconut shell stocks.

“I have been facing several obstacles in doing my business, but thankfully I could survive it, ” Pito said on Wednesday (11/11/2020).

Pito turned the coconut shell into beautiful souvenirs such as cup, ashtray, pitcher, spoon, and fork.   He also turned it into a beautiful lamp which could make your house look more exotic.

Up until now, he has distributed the souvenirs to certain local area in the country such as Bali, and Kalimantan. He also has distributed it to Hongkong, Taiwan, and Malaysia through the help of Indonesian workers.

You could have a set of drinking accessories from pitcher, cup, to its saucers for IDR 35 K. These souvenirs made of Coconut shell will lighten up your house as well help you do an environmental friendly living. (*)