Admire the Beauty of Cirebon by Pitching Your Tent at Pasir Parat

Admire the Beauty of Cirebon by Pitching Your Tent at Pasir Parat

TIMESINDONESIA, CIREBON – Cirebon has a stunning camping ground yiu need to check. This place is well known by the local community gandar Pasir Parat. This camping ground will be the perfect place to pitch your tent especially during summer.

Surrounded by lush green pine trees, Pasir Parat is located at Cipanas, Cirebon, West Java. This place is managed by the local Perhutani or Indonesia State Forestry Company.

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This place seems like never been touched by human for this place isn’t quite popular amongst the traveleror hikers. With this, Ramal Parat uiven an absolutely stunning view to see.

“This place is actually belong to the Perhutani. But they let the local village administrators to manage this place and turned it into a tourist attraction, ” Maman Sudirman, a local community of Cipanas said.

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Maman also said that they had just started the manage the place professionally in a year. By then they realized that Pasir Parat has such a huge potential to be a nice tourist destination especially for camping ground.

Pasir Parat camping ground is opened daily. You only need to pay for the parking lot ticket to enjoy all the beautiful scenery it has. However, there are still few people knows this place. And mostly they are the locals.

In the future, the management planned to fix all the facilities including adding and fixing some attractions they already had. With all these facilities Pasir Parat of Cirebon will be a stunning place to spend your night outdoor.   (*)